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MagGrow signs a three-year partnership with Dijkstra & Langeweg

Dublin, Ireland, August 10, 2018– Today, MagGrow and Dijkstra and Langeweg announced a three- year partnership to distribute MagGrow technology exclusively for Amazone in the Netherlands. Dijkstra & Langeweg is a leading Amazone machinery distributor in the Netherlands. Both companies are very excited to introduce the technology to crop growers in the Netherlands. Since 2006 Dijkstra & Langeweg has been a full-line Amazone dealer and has vast experience with the Amazone sprayers.

Under the terms of the agreement, MagGrow has granted Dijkstra & Langeweg the exclusive rights to distribute and commercialise MagGrow products and technology specifically for Amazone Sprayers in the Netherlands. Both MagGrow and Dijkstra & Langeweg are looking forward to this joint business development and are well positioned to expand their reach with this partnership in this very important market.

MagGrow is excited to work with a such a well known agricultural brand as Dijkstra & Langeweg in the Netherlands’ said Gary Wickham, CEO, MagGrow. ‘Not only is Dijkstra & Langeweg a leading dealer of Amazone sprayers, it is a very well recognized brand in its own right providing many years of great service. The MagGrow team look forward to working with Dijkstra & Langeweg and developing a relationship in years ahead’

About MagGrow

MagGrow, an Irish company, was set up in 2013, employs over 25 people and currently operates across three different regions; the USA, Canada, and Europe.

MagGrow is a patented, proprietary technology for droplet formation that yields superior drift reduction of over 70% and spray coverage performance of up to 40% compared to conventional spraying. MagGrow has many other benefits to drift reduction and coverage such as significant reduction in water usage by up to 50%, extended spray windows, and reductions in labour.

The MagGrow system has no moving parts, is easy to install and maintain, and can be fitted to a new or existing crop sprayer. There is an increasing demand on food & water, and MagGrow’s technology is supporting a more sustainable food production system.

MagGrow is working closely with leading research universities including Harper Adams University in England, University of Wageneingen in the Netherlands, and Trinity College Dublin. While prompted by competitive demands and the global challenge of meeting the needs for future food production, MagGrow’s primary focus is on meeting customer needs, and satisfaction based on results.

See more at: www.magrowtec.com

About Dijkstra & Langeweg

Dijkstra & Langeweg is a leading distributor of Amazone Sprayers in the Netherlands. Amazone has 17 locations throughout the Netherlands and is one of the leading brands in the Netherlands.

 For further information: http://www.dijkstralangeweg.nl


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