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Between 60-90% of agricultural spray is wasted. Until Now.

According to the UN, the world needs to grow the same amount of food in the next 40 or 50 years 2 as in the last 10,000 years combined. That equates to 70% more food worldwide.

For farmers to meet that challenge they need to grow more food using less scarce resources, including chemicals and water and reduce the environmental impacts during crop spray activities. The only way to do that is through innovation and sustainability.

This is where MagrowTec steps in.

In conventional spraying, a considerable proportion of the expensive chemicals and water sprayed are lost through lack of adherence to the crop, and between 60-90% of chemical protectant products applied are wasted, drifting away in the air or bouncing off and entering the soil.

MagrowTec has developed a proprietary and patented technology that solves the compromise between drift and coverage, helping farmers meet this need for increased food demand, reducing the environmental impacts during crop spray activities, and also improving the quality of the food that they grow.

Based on a complex and proven science, lies a 2-part system, brand/product/crop/sprayer agnostic, which can be moved from sprayer to sprayer. There’s little or no maintenance required when using MagrowTec technology.

By passing the fluid through manifolds containing permanent rare earth magnets, the droplets’ features and behavior are changed and the final result, what we call the MagrowTec effect, is more of the droplets that stick onto the intended target weed or crop.

MagrowTec customers are seeing multiple benefits such as 20% + increased coverage & up to 70% drift reduction, besides additional benefits such as water and chemical savings, extended spray windows, and decreased labor requirements.

MagrowTec supports farmers to meet their profitability, crop yield, and sustainability goals, creating a win-win for the farmers, dealers, consumers, and of course, the planet.

With MagrowTec farmers no longer need to compromise between drift and coverage. Through MagrowTec technology, farmers have only started pushing the boundaries of doing more, with less. Feeding their families to feed the world. There is a third way.

Join us on this inspiring journey!

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