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Field Talk

Steve Parks

Video Overview

Part of a multi-generational farm family, Steve Parks of Ridgely, Tennessee, grows traditional row crops of corn, soybeans, and wheat. After experiencing razor-thin profit margins for several years, he found himself searching for ways to trim costs that would not affect yield. Then he found MagGrow. Based on what he saw about the company and its results in Europe, Parks decided to give the system a try. He was one of the first growers in the United States to add MagGrow to his sprayer. Parks says that he could immediately tell that he was seeing significantly less drift while also getting superior coverage.

For growers, drift can have detrimental impacts if it kills a bordering crop, fails to meet environmental regulations or wastes potential profits. The MagGrow system significantly reduces drift by converting those driftable droplets into an optimal size that hits the intended target.

Parks was looking for performance, and MagGrow delivered.

“With MagGrow’s system I am confident that I am getting better canopy penetration and much less drift—to the point that sometimes I can even eliminate drift,” he says. “That is why I use MagGrow and will continue to use it.”