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MagrowTec and Certis Belchim form a strategic partnership

MagrowTec and Certis Belchim form a strategic partnership to enhance plant protection product performance and drive the adoption of sustainable solutions

MagrowTec and Certis Belchim, a leading global provider of crop protection solutions are pleased to announce their strategic collaboration.

MagrowTec’s innovative technology delivers proven precision spraying solutions that offer the best compromise between minimizing spray drift and achieving optimal coverage. This enhances farm productivity, sustainability, and environmental stewardship and ensures that vital crop protection products are effectively applied on targeted crops or weeds, whilst limiting their impact on the environment.

This collaboration aims to combine the strength of Certis Belchim’s conventional and biological products with MagrowTec’s ground-breaking spray technology to provide efficient and sustainable plant protection solutions to growers across a broad range of crops.

Both companies are committed to drive positive change in agriculture by fostering innovation in the development and use of plant protection solutions that deliver more efficient spraying, enhance performance, particularly of biological products, and enable good stewardship practice.

The agreement will be focused on bringing to the market combined solutions featuring MagrowTec’s patented and proprietary technology together with Certis Belchim’s crop protection products, both conventional and biorationals

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Certis Belchim in this transformative initiative,” said Gary Wickham, CEO of MagrowTec. “This partnership represents a convergence of expertise and vision, as we work together to shape the future of farming. Together, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation and delivering solutions that benefit farmers and the environment.”

“This collaboration shows our commitment to responsible practices,” said Jacques Haverlant, Head of R&D at Certis Belchim. “We seek not only to improve the efficiency of our products, but also to drive the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes and enable the adoption of good stewardship practice. We believe this approach, while directly benefitting customers and farmers, will also contribute to making sustainability in agriculture a practical reality.”

For more information about Certis Belchim please visit www.certisbelchim.com

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