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MagGrow expands its Crop Science Team

MagGrow is pleased to announce another addition to our Crop Science operations based at Farm491 in Cirencester, U.K.

Farm 491 is a space for agritech innovators and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. It was founded at and funded by the Royal Agricultural University in 2015 at Cirencester. The MagGrow facility at Farm 491, opened in 2018, provides us with an ideal location from which to conduct our field and semi-field trial programme, with the University farm offering an excellent selection of suitable trial sites.

As part of this growth we are delighted to welcome James Dolman, who has joined MagGrow as a Crop Science Specialist and will be a key part of our ongoing trials activities. James joins us from one of the top Food and Drink research organisations in Europe and is a trained agronomist with several years crop management experience with growers in South West UK.

The MagGrow Crop Science team led by Nick Jessop work closely with regulatory authorities and leading industry and academic experts to ensure that customers are able to utilise the full benefits of improved coverage and reduced drift from this innovative technology.

MagGrow recognises that growers will have different sets of challenges relating to the crops that they grow and the regions in which they grow them. As such, we conduct extensive semi-field and field trials, to ensure we are offering suitable solutions, supported by strong empirical evidence, rather than just a product.

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