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MagGrow and Airtec Partner for Best in Class Spraying Solution

MagGrow is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Airtec Sprayers Inc., a Florida based sprayer manufacturer with customers across North and South America, to provide a uniquely powerful combined spraying system for the specialty crop sector.

Tim Schaal, CEO of Airtec says “We are really happy to have finalized our partnership with MagGrow. The combined technologies will enable us to offer our existing and new customer’s a “Best in Class” sprayer. The two systems complement each other to improve spray coverage with the Airtec Air Spraying system providing superior spray particle canopy penetration and the MagGrow system helping with spray particle adherence. In addition to Airtec offering MagGrow to their customers, the partnership will allow MagGrow’s US based sales team to sell Airtec’s full sprayer product line along with the MagGrow system to build upon Airtec’s existing customer base. We are also looking forward to working with MagGrow’s network in Europe, Australia, and other international markets to introduce the Airtec spraying system to a range of new growers.”

David Moore, co-founder and Strategic Business Development Director says “I’m delighted about our partnership with Airtec. The benefits that our two innovative solutions can offer growers is a step change in spraying application in terms of both drift control and enhanced coverage. It is in line with our strategy to develop partnerships with other innovative companies in the crop spraying sector to significantly reduce the 60-70% waste associated with conventional spraying practices. One area that I am particularly excited about is in the bio-pesticide space, as the improved coverage that is delivered by the MagGrow incorporated Airtec sprayer will help growers to grow more food in a profitable and sustainable way and protect the environment.

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