Crop Spraying Specialists MagrowTec and Croplands form National Distribution Agreement

We are thrilled to announce a National Distribution Agreement with Croplands, a prominent spray equipment manufacturer boasting a network of more than 170 dealerships across the Australian and New Zealand territories.

Over the last three years of its decade-long global journey, MagrowTec has been introducing its magnetically assisted spray technology to the Australian and New Zealand markets. This strategic partnership with Croplands aims to extend the reach of MagrowTec benefits to a wider array of growers in these territories.

During this period, MagrowTec, in collaboration with leading growers, conducted rigorous in-field crop science studies, consistently showcasing the substantial agronomic advantages of the ‘MagrowTec Effect.’ This effect involves the production of a higher quantity of appropriately sized droplets that adhere effectively, resulting in enhanced foliage coverage, superior canopy penetration, improved water management, and reduced drift.

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Croplands has been a trusted partner for growers, offering high-quality spray equipment, products, exceptional service, and knowledgeable personnel. The integration of MagrowTec’s patented technology into Croplands’ extensive range of specialized spraying solutions provides growers with a cutting-edge opportunity to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their current farming systems in a straightforward manner.

The simplicity lies not only in the benefits imparted by the magnetic fields into the fluid but also in the fact that the system can be easily installed on any boom sprayer, requires no power, contains no electronics, can be transferred to new boom sprayers, and is virtually maintenance-free.

MagrowTec’s revolutionary spray technology is designed to optimize the application of agricultural inputs, reducing waste and environmental impact while delivering better agronomic outcomes. This breakthrough solution addresses critical challenges faced by the agricultural industry, including the conservation of scarce resources, mitigation of climate change, biodiversity preservation, and the imperative to sustainably feed a growing global population. With MagrowTec, growers no longer need to compromise between profitability and sustainability.

James Turtle, MagrowTec BDM for Southern Australia says, “Current users of the technology are not only seeing the benefits of improved crop protection but are also realising that their spraying program is becoming more efficient by either reducing the number of sprays required or by not having to increase their water rate to do a better job”.

“The proven performance of this technology will help optimise a grower’s chemical application and deliver an excellent return on investment. Every time you spray, you’ll be landing more droplets and therefore chemical on the target, which results in improved crop health and better agronomic outcomes, putting more dollars back into your pocket whilst also benefitting the environment,” says James.

Sean Mulvaney, General Manager, Croplands, says, “We are proudly partnering with MagrowTec to bring their magnetic spray technology solution to both Australian and New Zealand growers. Equally exciting is that the solution can be retrofitted to existing boom sprayers or onto new builds.”

MagrowTec, in collaboration with Croplands, looks forward to engaging with farmers and agronomists across Australia and New Zealand to delve into the potential advantages this technology can bring to their agricultural enterprises.

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