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Danny Burnett

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Using the MagrowTec system, Danny was able to:

1. Improved Kill Rates and Coverage: Danny observed that the MagrowTec system provided better kill rates and coverage compared to traditional spraying methods. Notably, he achieved effective results without the need for surfactants or drip retardants, simplifying the spraying process and reducing chemical costs.

2. Cost Savings: With the adoption of the MagrowTec system, Danny witnessed noticeable improvements in his farm’s bottom line. The system’s ability to optimize spraying efficiency and reduce the requirement for chemical additives led to cost savings, contributing to enhanced profit margins.

3. Simplified Maintenance and Durability: Danny was impressed with the MagrowTec system’s robust construction and minimal wear and tear. The system’s simplicity and lack of maintenance needs made it a hassle-free and reliable tool for spraying operations, distinguishing it from other agricultural equipment that often demands frequent upkeep.


Danny Burnett, an experienced grower, recently embraced the MagrowTec system for his spraying needs. In an interview, he highlights the remarkable advantages of this innovative technology, which has significantly improved his farm’s performance. This article summarizes Danny Burnett’s insights and showcases the transformative impact of the MagrowTec system on agricultural spraying operations.

Enhanced Performance and Cost Savings:

According to Danny Burnett, the MagrowTec system has surpassed his expectations, delivering superior results in terms of kill rates and coverage. Remarkably, the system achieves these outcomes without the need for additional surfactants or drip retardants, simplifying the spraying process. The system’s effectiveness has outperformed traditional methods that relied on extra chemical additives.

Danny Burnett recalls the fluctuating prices of essential agricultural products, such as glyphosate and anhydrous fertilizer. However, since adopting the MagrowTec system, he has experienced notable improvements in his farm’s bottom line. The system reduces chemical costs and optimizes efficiency, leading to enhanced profit margins.

Impressive Results and Ease of Use:

Initially skeptical about the MagrowTec system’s claims, Danny Burnett decided to put it to the test based on recommendations from colleagues. To his surprise, the results were extraordinary. For instance, he achieved the same level of weed control using only 10 gallons of carrier liquid and a quart of Gramoxone, compared to the previous requirement of 25 gallons and a quart and a half. This substantial reduction in liquid volume per acre provided compelling evidence of the system’s efficacy.

One significant advantage of the MagrowTec system is the elimination of surfactants and drift retardants. Danny Burnett no longer needs these additives, even when using Gramoxone, as the system minimizes drift effectively. Even in winds of 8-10 miles per hour, the system maintains spray accuracy. The elimination of surfactants not only simplifies the spraying process but also saves an estimated $2 to $3 per acre.

Furthermore, the MagrowTec system ensures excellent plant coverage, minimizing spray wastage. After application, most of the water remains on the plant, enhancing absorption and improving the effectiveness of herbicides. This feature is particularly valuable in combating herbicide-resistant weeds, enabling growers like Danny Burnett to regain control over these persistent threats.

Long-lasting Durability and Maintenance:

Danny Burnett emphasizes the durability and low maintenance requirements of the MagrowTec system. Having used it for three seasons, he attests to its reliability and robust construction. The system’s simplicity and lack of wear and tear have eliminated the need for constant repairs or replacements. This stark contrast to other agricultural equipment, which often requires frequent maintenance, adds to the appeal and value of the MagrowTec system.


Danny Burnett’s experience with the MagrowTec system demonstrates its revolutionary impact on agricultural spraying practices. By improving kill rates, enhancing coverage, eliminating the need for surfactants, and reducing drift, this innovative technology offers substantial advantages to growers. With its ability to optimize spraying efficiency and reduce chemical costs, the MagrowTec system presents an effective solution to combat weed resistance and navigate economic uncertainties. The system’s simplicity and long-lasting durability further solidify its appeal, making it a valuable investment for farmers like Danny Burnett seeking to enhance their spraying operations.