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Dealer Talk

Brian Smith

Video Overview

MagGrow dealer and Vantage South owner Brian Smith of Clarksdale, Mississippi, addresses one of the biggest costs on the farm: the spraying application. With most sprayers, between 50% and 90% of spray is wasted. Droplets are either too fine, resulting in greater drift, or too coarse, causing more drips and less coverage of the crop. The MagGrow system conditions the liquid chemical to create more optimal-sized droplets that hit the target, resulting in reduced drift, better coverage and significant chemical savings.

MagGrow is also a real plus for the environment. With this technology growers can spray at a lower rate using less chemical. More chemical stays on the plant and less goes into the soil to get washed down the ditches and into the rivers.

In comparing a MagGrow sprayer with a conventional one, the MagGrow sprayer demonstrated a drastic improvement in coverage and a reduction in chemical usage by 10%-25%. It can mean the difference in being profitable at the end of a growing season or not. And this is a savings that is repeated every year.

The ROI on a MagGrow system for a farm can be as short as one year. There’s also no need for updating—no firmware upgrade, no wires to change, no fuses to blow. This investment is built to last for 15 years and can be swapped from sprayer to sprayer. It is isn’t often that you find a product that will give you a return on your investment in a year and then run for 15. MagGrow is that product. Why not give it a try?